Saturday, 25 May 2024

Bought a frozen “meat lovers” pizza for a late lunch and realised as I put it in the oven that instead of tomato base it had a so-called rich BBQ sauce or, more accurately, a sugary liquid abomination. It decidedly did not hit the spot.

Picked up Baldur’s Gate for the first time in a few weeks. Turned down a quest to help steal an idol but rather regretting it now. Am I once again falling into the trap of approaching a role playing game by largely making the kind of decisions I’d make in real life — a bit too fearful of making “mistakes” and a bit too keen to avoid conflict? Spent five or so minutes listening to a behorned woman sing a paen to her slaughtered teacher then got stuck in a doomed battle with a bunch of goblins.

Actually ventured into the garden today and made a start on a couple of big pruning/lopping jobs. Only got halfway done before the rain started but at least I’ve taken the first step.

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