The Blog Bit

This is the blog bit of the site, where most of my writing lives. I’m trying to get away from the idea that a blog has to be just pages of one post after another in reverse chronological order. I want things to be presented in a more deliberate and intentional manner. I will often want to try to draw attention to the newer things I write, but I also want to write smaller, more niche things that can hang in the background and bubble up when I like. I’ll figure out a better way to organise these things in time, but for now, here are some things than are newish or that I’d like people to read.

A Spatial Scare
My headphones gave me a fright not once, but twice in the space of ten minutes.

Notes on the Ingmar Bergman classic.

Poor Things
If I get trapped in an elevator with Yorgos, I’m going to have to keep bringing the conversation back to The Lobster.

And here is a list of most of the posts I’ve written in the last year or so. They’re rarely tied to any particular time so I’ve split them up according to roughly what they’re about.