Thursday, 23 May 2024

The fancy 24/7 supermarket has every kind of hummus you could possibly want but absolutely no French onion dip, so I can’t celebrate the end of a fairly intensive week of work with a post-midnight bowl of chips dipped in French onion dip, one of the few indulgences I actually save for special occasions that are not just a day ending in the letter Y. Making do with chips and a beer instead.

Mandy Brown’s look at gendered AI from 2016 is a great read.

In fact, it’s not hard for me to imagine a straight line (or at least a moderately meandering one) between a generation of bot makers who anoint their creations with gendered names and personalities and the impossible reverie that is the singularity: could the very notion of the singularity be the embodiment of the oppressors fear that the oppressed will one day rise up and slay them? Perhaps the attention some men apparently spend on wondering whether AI will eventually surpass them should be instead spent on noticing the fact that women already have.

Microsoft’s on-the-horizon Recall feature is the most Don’t Create the Torment Nexus thing I’ve seen in ages. And that’s a world in which the Vision Pro, self-driving Cybertrucks and Humane AI pins exist as actual products you can buy. Lots of new tech stuff is goofy or creepy or gross but this just takes the cake. Domestic abusers who want to tighten their grip of coercive control will be lining up to take advantage of this.

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