Wednesday, 8 May 2024

I am excellent at putting leftovers in the freezer and awful at actually eating them. Time after time I’ve realised I have no idea what is in any of the plastic containers or how long they’ve been there and ended up throwing it away. Well, I broke the cycle today and actually took some frozen lentil curry to work. Wow! Best work meal I’ve eaten since my leftover satay beef!

About a year ago my favourite crackers — Vita-wheat Sesame and Poppy — disappeared from supermarket shelves. I assumed they’d stopped making them. But looking for something else in the fancy, overpriced 24 hour supermarket the other day I found them again. Such happiness! The perfect base for some Castello Blue Cheese.

How great is it that X, the social network “formerly” known as Twitter, still lives at You know they’d love for it to all be at, but with all the money in the world and they decided it was just too difficult to work out all the overlapping and intertwining dependences and, it appears, just gave up without comment. Good to remember next time you find yourself not able to follow some plan you had, whether it’s giving up on chips or trying to exercise every day.

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