Thursday, 9 May 2024

A bit over a week till Ghost of Tsushima is released for the PC. I know I know that there’s very little chance it’ll run on my MacBook with the hacky (but wonderful) translation software we rely on to run a fraction of the Windows games available at pokey frame rates. But even so, I took a look at the system requirements on Steam and they are much lower than for Cyberpunk 2077, a Windows game that runs surprisingly well on medium settings on my machine. Of course, there could be any number of other things that could prevent it from running. But I’m holding onto hope for a little while longer.

As for the question of whether I really plan to spend a hundred bucks on a game I’ve already played through? Even though I have enough games available to last me the rest of the year at least. But Tsushima is different. It’s just straight up fun. The first game I got for the PS5 and the only one I’ve mastered since Uridium way back in the day. Tsushima is a game that I can just pick up and enjoy the play rather than trying to make progress.

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