Wednesday, 15 May 2024

I was a very gullible child. I once borrowed a book on magic tricks from the library. It was set up so you read a description of the trick on one page then turn to the next to find out the secret. But I didn’t get that. The first trick was one where you put your hand palm down on a table then slide playing cards under it one by one. Once you’ve got ten or so cards under there, you raise your hand and amaze your friends because all the cards stick to your hands.

So I tried and tried and tried to do this for hours but couldn’t pull it off. I went to bed feeling sad and angry that I just couldn’t do magic. The next day I turned the page to try a new trick only to discover the secret of the sticky cards. I tried it and, of course, it worked. Mind blown.

Hint: it involves a ring and a toothpick. If my parents thought it was unusual that their six year old son was suddenly wearing a ring while showing them his first ever magic trick, they were good enough sports not to show it.

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