Tuesday, 30 April 2024

The first real rain of the year. Sadly, no petrichor that I could detect, perhaps due to my cold, which came on quickly overnight and set up camp in my throat and the right side of my head. A good day to be sick at home and listen to the rain overflow from a blocked gutter.

Chasing vitamin C I had my first grapefruit in how long? A year or so at least. Such bright red flesh!

Found some unopened hummus and tzatziki that I bought last December and was delighted to find they were both good to eat — that is, until I put my glasses on and saw that the expiry month was Jan, not Jun. Reminds me that I need to get new glasses. I broke my newest pair, which were themselves at least two or three years old, while in Japan — one of the dangers of living on tatami and futon. I’ve been using my old pair, which are maybe four or five years old since then. And they’re okay. I can read without getting a headache, but this is not a sustainable solution. Next week for sure.

I’ve lost the adapter that lets my old USB devices connect to the new USB ports in my MacBook. Pretty cool that for the want one cable I can’t access any hard drives or import any photos. How great is the future! I want to post my grapefruit picture — or just see whether it’s worth posting — but it’s trapped on my camera’s ancient CF card. Estimated time of finding the lost cable is about one week after buying a new one.

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