Thursday, 20 June 2024

Back in the middle of April I decided to take a break from my usual approach to blogging, which was basically one topic per post, each with a title and tags and categories, and each theoretically able to stand on its own as kind of timeless encapsulation of my thoughts. Instead I started with a date and just wrote what I was thinking or doing that day.

It’s been great!

In two months I’ve written about one post every couple of days. Not having to dress up my thoughts with titles and other metadata has really taken a lot of pressure off and made me enjoy writing on the internet again. I’ve been thinking that I may try “normal” blogging again sometime, but it’ll be in addition to the journalish things I’m writing now rather than instead of them.

Instagram is by far the best way for camera stores to advertise cameras that they don’t have in stock.

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