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A torn bicycle seat atop a blue bike with flower petals in the background.

April Notes

I had a friend in uni who was into The Cure and I made fun of her for it, while also really liking The Cure. What the heck was going on there? Anyway, Disintegration is still amazing.

Two months later I’m still somewhat bemused by the combination of brain chemical swirls that led me to not seeing Dinosaur Jr when they played in Perth for what I’m pretty sure has to be the last chance I’ll have to see them. First I felt I didn’t have the money, then I thought I wouldn’t be able to get there in time after work. Later, when I knew I could afford it and was willing to take the loss if I couldn’t get there in time the only seats left were, I thought, terrible so I still didn’t buy tickets. I ended up driving past the venue on the way home in plenty of time to see even the opening act.

The only time I’ve seen them was back in 1995, a week or so before I moved to Japan, and it was an awesome show. My main memory was of Mascis going off on a massive solo that the bassist stopped trying to keep up with so he just took a break and lit a cigarette while J wailed away on his guitar for a blissful eternity.

Jesus, Simon, learn your lessons.

Already April, the year is no longer beginning. We’re in the meat and potatoes now. Now that the heat is gradually dropping away and the sun no longer has that keen sear to it, thoughts of cycling to work are surfacing again.

Sarah has been in Paris for 17 years.

Third viewing of Dune Part II tonight. Zendaya’s performance gets better each time. So much fury in her jaw.