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Non-contiguous Text Selection

Great news for users of Apple’s word processing app, Pages. Earlier this year Apple finally restored the ability to select non-contiguous text, a victim of the great simplification of Apple’s apps in 2013. I hardly ever use Pages anymore, but … Continue reading

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No Right Turns

I have zero — or negative — interest in the generative uses of so called AI, except when it’s generating a few more pixels to make up for the primitive ISO capabilities of my camera or a bit of foliage … Continue reading

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Trying Obsidian

I finally got around to trying Obsidian and, with the Things theme installed, it seemed to do everything I wanted. Mainly, I really like the way it displayed checklists and dimmed the text if you checked something was done. And … Continue reading

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MarsEdit media manager issue (and how to fix it)

If you use MarsEdit and its media manager is showing hardly any of your photos, the problem is most likely your setting in the Photos app for iCloud Photos. You have two choices: “Download Originals to this Mac” or “Optimise … Continue reading

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Although Mastodon is the social media thing that feels most like home to me, I’ve been dipping my toe a little into the slightly murky waters of Bluesky and Threads. One thing that has surprised me is the primitive implementation … Continue reading

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Maybe Ulysses is the one

My search for a way to edit my blog on my phone or iPad may be over. It turns out Ulysses has pretty robust WordPress publishing support. You can post and edit back and forth on either Mac or iOS … Continue reading

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Something Like MarsEdit on iOS

I wish there were something like MarsEdit on iOS. The WordPress app is okay for little edits but feels like a web page. There’s a distinct lag to every interaction that makes it feel just a bit off.

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Fun with WordPress

Although I’m something of a ChatGPT sceptic, I have to say it is pretty handy for quickly working out how to do things with WordPress without having to trawl through countless posts. So far I’ve used it to find out … Continue reading

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Maya’s Feeds

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Looking to broaden my reading beyond the same old sites, I went ahead and imported Maya’s OPML file of her wonderful blogroll into my feed aggregator. After a day I … Continue reading

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Switching iPhone Apps with an External Keyboard

Today I started experimenting with using my iPhone with the external Bluetooth keyboard I bought way back when I got my first-generation iPad. It’s been a while since I used it and the batteries (yes, it’s that old) I left … Continue reading

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iCloud Email Custom Domains On A2 Hosting

This was tricker than expected, but I got there in the end. Continue reading

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Missing Japanese Input Sources

I came across a weird bug that prevented me from being able to type in Japanese. After a few hours of fiddling I worked out how to fix it. Continue reading

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