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Custom WordPress RSS – Just One Category

If you want your main RSS feed to include only posts in a certain category, add the code below to your theme’s functions.php file, substituting CategoryNameHere for the category you want. I found this in a 2009 post on Will … Continue reading

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Maybe Ulysses is the one

My search for a way to edit my blog on my phone or iPad may be over. It turns out Ulysses has pretty robust WordPress publishing support. You can post and edit back and forth on either Mac or iOS … Continue reading

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Fun with WordPress

Although I’m something of a ChatGPT sceptic, I have to say it is pretty handy for quickly working out how to do things with WordPress without having to trawl through countless posts. So far I’ve used it to find out … Continue reading

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RSS and ActivityPub: A Bit Less Automation Would Be Nice

It seems I’m definitely in the minority but I would love it Wordpress let you hit a button to create RSS feeds rather than doing it on publish. Continue reading

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