Sunday, 5 May 2024

Spent a birthday celebration night in a fancy hotel. Not a fan of the overly mirrored bathroom. I really don’t appreciate seeing myself from behind — or from any angle — while washing my hands. Wonder if there is some amount I could pay to have a room with no mirrors at all — now that would be luxury. But the rain shower was nice, as was the breakfast spread — perfectly crispy bacon — and the high thread-count sheets. Seems that if I did accidentally become fabulously wealthy, I could probably get used to it.

Speaking of Threads, what a strangely earnest social network it is. Seems to mostly be made up of people posting stories about someone doing something good or someone doing something bad. Then there are a hundred replies pointing out that either the person doing something good was bad actually or the person doing something bad was good actually. Kind of exhausting.

And the way it does quote posts is a bit dark patterny. They are almost all truncated so to see what people are quoting you need to click on the quoted post. Vive la engagement!

Currently quite taken by There’s a Rugged Road by Judee Sill. Just love the rhythm she puts into roll on roll on roll on bits. One of those songs I’d need to hum to explain what I like about it. Oh, looks like Greta Gerwig sings it in Greenberg.

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