Saturday, 11 May 2024

Is there an accepted etiquette position on keeping earbuds in while talking to shopkeepers? Until now I’ve reflexively taken them out and put them in my shirt pocket, but because I use those squishy foam tips it’s kind of a hassle to put them back in each time. If I were on the other side of the interaction, I don’t think I’d mind a customer keeping them in as long as they were able to hear me and be present in the situation. But is that how the people who are on that side of our interaction feel.

I first gave Apple’s Discovery “radio” playlist thing a try when I got my AirPods back in January. It was pretty great. Lot’s of songs I hadn’t heard by artists whose names I sometimes recognised but often didn’t. Some cool finds: Gnaw, Little Things, Fix.

I still check it out now and then, but I feel it’s pandering a bit too much to its idea of my taste. I wish there were a way I could tell it to push the envelope of things I might like out a bit.

The question has been raised, in a fun way, as to whether I’m a person who doesn’t put things back where they belong. Although I would vigourously defend myself against the charge that I may leave the toilet seat up, I have to admit to having a very high tolerance for things being out of place.

From where I’m sitting in the dining room right now I can see a can of shaving cream I bought a week ago that I have somehow not managed to take up to the bathroom, a Japanese/Australian power adapter that’s been waiting to get put away for three months, and a box full of kitchen cleaning stuff that we cleared out from under the sink to make space for some plumbing work a month or so ago. These have all become part of what I accept as my “normal” living environment.

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