Other Side of the Canal

A screenshot from the game Disco Elysium. Harry and Kim sit on a swing set as they wait for the tide to go out.
Passing the time with Kim

Went back to Revachol for the first time in maybe a month and found myself on the other side of the canal. I had expected this to be a fairly small area, but it’s huge. Among other things —

  • Managed to persuade two Lilienne and Isobel to sign the union boss’ agreement and immediately felt bad about it. It might help if I could remember what it was that I was hoping to get in return.
  • Found a tape of a sad song to sing along to at karaoke. This, I feel, will cause some consternation, but at least I’ll have a stuffed bird to help smooth over any tensions.
  • Found a new place to stay the night. It’s just a shack, but means I won’t have to scrounge coins to keep Garte off my back.
  • Met a pretentious academic type who, for some reason, knows who Kim is and spoke about him as if he’s well known.

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