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Dinosaur Jr – Learn Your Lessons

Two months later I’m still somewhat bemused by the combination of brain chemical swirls that led me to not seeing Dinosaur Jr when they played in Perth for what I’m pretty sure has to be the last chance I’ll have … Continue reading

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I was thinking of posting a youtube link to My Bloody Valentine’s Sometimes, which I think of as the acoustic track from Loveless, although it obviously isn’t acoustic at all. It wasn’t a single so didn’t have a proper video … Continue reading

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Pavement – Witchi Tai To

When Pavement played the first show of their recent reunion tour, they finished off with this cover of Native American jazz pioneer Jim Pepper’s Witchi Tai To. Such a lovely and positive vibe with which to end the show and … Continue reading

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Really Really Light

The New Pornographers is a band I never listened to mainly because their name made me think they were a kind of sleazy Strokes ripoff. Turns out they aren’t. Since getting my AirPods Pro I’ve actually started to listen to … Continue reading

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New Love Glow

What kind of monster, when meeting their brother’s ex-girlfriend at the pharmacy, would casually mention that he’s got that new love glow?

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Gardening in the Rain

I have accidentally left cleaning up the garden to the day before our rent inspection and now it’s raining. Looks like I’ll be living a real life version of that early REM song “Gardening in the Rain”.

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A Week In Late September

Disconnected thoughts – feeling stretched, Alvvays, Barbie and Bluesky. Continue reading

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What’s In My Ears Right Now?

Just a handful of songs that I’m listening to right now – Alvvays, Fazerdaze, and Chastity Belt. Continue reading

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Denser Than a Hockey Puck

Will I ever learn? On a whim, I looked up the lyrics for the Malkmus song Old Jerry and the line “Art is denser than a hockey puck” is supposedly “Heart is denser than a hockey puck”. What nonsense! I’m … Continue reading

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Skipping Over

I have reached the point with Blue Rev where the songs I used to skip over — Pomeranian Spinster and Tile By Tile among others — are now the ones I skip to.

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Pavement: Echelon Your dreams

Do I have a favourite Pavement song? I don’t think I do. Some I like more than others, but for the most part my favourite at any moment is the one I’m listening to right then. But, of course, there … Continue reading

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Hot Spring Amber

While I was dozing off yesterday in a relaxation chair at a hot spring in the Japanese countryside my brain recognised a slight similarity in the bland piano background music to Dick Diver’s very much not bland song Amber and … Continue reading

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