Monday, 20 May 2024

So I set myself some goals for the weekend and said I’d be happy if I got just a couple done. I actually thought it likely I’d do them all, considering how modestly they were worded. Well, I did not end up doing them all and only technically achieved my goal of doing at least two.

I made the chicken curry satay I had planned and it was exactly as delicious as I’d hoped. It was a bit much for the rest of the family, but I slavishly cater to their every whim and desire every other time I cook so they can suck it up this one time.

Didn’t have any of the friend catch-ups I had hoped for but met my sister for the first time in ages so that counts.

As for the others, I walked past my garden with barely a glance, chose sleep over finishing a movie — probably a good choice — and just couldn’t find time to make it to the ocean.

Most of my weekends tend to evaporate in a cloud of blah, so it was nice to have this list of things I wanted to do so when I found myself doing things that weren’t on it at least it felt like a decision rather than just going with the flow.

Not exactly a surprise, but there’s no way Ghost of Tsushima will work on a Mac. It needs a chip that can understand a certain set of instructions that every Intel chip since 2012 has been able to do but no Apple silicon can do. It’s cool. In fact, I didn’t even want to play it on my Mac. I’ve got so many other games to play. I’m actually happy I can’t play it, as my previous posts will indicate as soon as I edit them to make it so.

A while back I was all set to write a blog post about how so many of Bob Dylan’s big long songs from the mid-sixties were just too long and would have benefited from having a good third or quarter cut from them. But I listened to the main offenders, Visions of Johanna, Sad-Eyed Lade of the Lowlands, Desolation Row and It’s Alright Ma (
I’m Only Bleeding)
and a handful of others and I was completely wrong. I wouldn’t want a single verse dropped from any of them.

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