Monday, 13 May 2024

Watched Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense movie for the first time in decades. What a beautiful artifact of 1980s culture. I remember taping this off TV and making my own version of the packaging. I copied the writing style — I’m sure I had no idea that there were things called fonts back then — over a cut and pasted image of, from memory, a painting of a woman with a strangely elongated neck. My favourite songs are pretty conventional — This Must Be The Place and Once In A Lifetime.

Reminds me of the bible of Japanese grammar that was my constant companion back in uni. For some reason I decided that a picture of Albert Camus made the perfect cover image.

The only good music videos are the ones in which you can see the band playing for at least eighty percent of the song. The only exception is Pavement’s Gold Soundz, which features the guys dressing in Santa costumes, stealthily stalking about an LA mall with bows and arrows, firing shots into the air to bring down a plucked chicken from which they pull some car keys then driving to a bit of a roadside hill to enjoy some cookies and milk. Sure hope they washed their hands after throwing that chicken around.

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