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Making decisions | A Working Library

From Mandy Brown on A Working Library: There’s a really important thing that sometimes nervous people like me don’t realize — that the expression “to make a decision” is perfectly accurate: a decision is something you create. There’s an inclination … Continue reading

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think of the big picture

From Elle on Mastodon: whenever my boss says “think of the big picture, elle” I’m immediately an astronaut floating silently in space tethered to my ship looking down on earth, and nothing he wants seems important or even relevant really … Continue reading

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Yesterday Is Not Today

From Louie Mantia’s Yesterday Is Not Today: Everything has to change, every day, forever. That’s how it has to work. If not, we have determined we were smarter yesterday than we are today.

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Really Really Light

The New Pornographers is a band I never listened to mainly because their name made me think they were a kind of sleazy Strokes ripoff. Turns out they aren’t. Since getting my AirPods Pro I’ve actually started to listen to … Continue reading

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Why not Mars?

Why not Mars? Maciej Ceglowski questions the wisdom of a manned mission to Mars.

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