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Lids Like Lead

Yesterday, as soon as dinner was done, I started with the hippo-esque super wide yawns. After a short time I fled upstairs to escape the repetitive sounds of my daughter getting smashed by some Elden Ring boss. Such repetitive sound … Continue reading

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Park Of Kings

I popped up to Kings Park today to make the most of the dying light. Was quite surprised by the number of people sitting out on the lawn just to watch dusk settle over the city.

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No Right Turns

I have zero — or negative — interest in the generative uses of so called AI, except when it’s generating a few more pixels to make up for the primitive ISO capabilities of my camera or a bit of foliage … Continue reading

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Saturday, 17 April 2024

Lunch was Ramen Keisuke. It got a lukewarm review from my wife’s friend forever ago so it kept getting nixed when I suggested it. But Tosaka doesn’t open for lunch so it got the nod today. Despite the Showa-era kitsch … Continue reading

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Spatial Scare

I bought some AirPods recently and they’ve been great — good sound and comfortable to wear. They have this thing called spatial sound that’s supposed to create something like a surround sound effect. I’ve only really noticed it when watching … Continue reading

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Bring the Noise!

One of the main reasons I recently updated to a newer laptop was to run Lightroom at a less lugubrious pace and to be able to use its new machine learning enhanced selection and noise reduction tools. On my decade … Continue reading

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Gyoza Moments

Some things I like and don’t like about making gyoza — Chopping Chinese cabbage is my least favourite part, mainly because my chopping board is a bit too small, as is my knife, so I end up with bits of … Continue reading

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Gardening in the Rain

I have accidentally left cleaning up the garden to the day before our rent inspection and now it’s raining. Looks like I’ll be living a real life version of that early REM song “Gardening in the Rain”.

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I love the soft thunk you get when you drop the kettlebell on the grass at the end of a set.

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Playstation Language Settings

Nine out of ten times when I turn on the Playstation I have to change the interface language from Japanese, my daughters’ preference, to English, which is mine. Why can’t I set the preferred language at the user profile level … Continue reading

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The Platonic Ideal of KFC

A roadside KFC restored my faith in the fast food gods. Continue reading

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The early bird catches the worm, and also gets to see a dolphin up close if it’s in Bunbury. Continue reading

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If I want to say, internally, that something is a hassle, this is the word I reach for. Continue reading

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A Week In Late September

Disconnected thoughts – feeling stretched, Alvvays, Barbie and Bluesky. Continue reading

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The Coffee Dilemma

A note for future me — when at work and faced with the choice between drinking instant coffee or using a couple of paper towels as a make-do coffee filter because you left the filters you bought the day before … Continue reading

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Not Much of a Career

A near-miss carjacking brings a Billy Bragg classic to mind. Continue reading

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A bit of a hit around

We’ve been driving past Robertson Park tennis courts for years, thinking we should pop in and give it a go sometime. That feeling gained some impetus when I found out that Steve Malkmus played there when Pavement came to Perth … Continue reading

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Just One Cookbook’s Macaroni Gratin

This macaroni gratin is probably the first actually new recipe I’ve made this year. It was a late request on a Sunday, with just enough time to get to the shops. For ages I’ve shied away from anything vaguely rouxish. … Continue reading

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Salt & Fat’s 707 Fried Chicken

I’ve made this chicken one billion times. You should give it a try. Continue reading

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That sweetens the memory

A lovely quote from Kogonada on the double dialog memories in After Yang. Continue reading

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