Kindle Page Turn Buttons

I agree wholeheartedly with Jason Snell’s comment on page-turn buttons in his review of the latest Kindle Oasis —

People will tell you that it’s just fine to find a grip that lets you slide a finger over to the screen, tap, and then slide back every single time you turn the page. Sure, it’s fine. But this is way better.

When my Paperwhite broke, I started using my old Kindle again — it’s so old it has a physical keyboard — and immediately appreciated how much better buttons work to change pages. It sounds trivial, but it really makes a difference. Another benefit is that because the screen is completely inert, you can pick the Kindle up and put it down without worrying about inadvertently causing it to jump to another page, close the book or do anything at all. The buttons plus the inert screen really do make it a superior — and calmer — reading experience, even if I do have to have a lamp on in the evenings. It’s a pity Amazon reserves what was once a standard feature for its priciest offering.

The warm front-lighting on the new Oasis sounds nice, but I find it hard to imagine I’ll feel comfortable parting with AUD$400 for a book reading machine any time in the near future.

Published on Saturday, August 3 2019