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Like Kings

This is a great point. So much coverage of tech focuses on the wrangling of aristocrats. This is not a fully formed thought, but I have a visceral reaction to seeing coverage of Altman’s firing treated as a top-left news … Continue reading

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Although Mastodon is the social media thing that feels most like home to me, I’ve been dipping my toe a little into the slightly murky waters of Bluesky and Threads. One thing that has surprised me is the primitive implementation … Continue reading

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Something Like MarsEdit on iOS

I wish there were something like MarsEdit on iOS. The WordPress app is okay for little edits but feels like a web page. There’s a distinct lag to every interaction that makes it feel just a bit off.

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Maya’s Feeds

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Looking to broaden my reading beyond the same old sites, I went ahead and imported Maya’s OPML file of her wonderful blogroll into my feed aggregator. After a day I … Continue reading

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RSS and ActivityPub: A Bit Less Automation Would Be Nice

It seems I’m definitely in the minority but I would love it Wordpress let you hit a button to create RSS feeds rather than doing it on publish. Continue reading

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Mastodon – Links and Styles

Of the issues with Mastodon raised by Dave Winer, the ones I’m most interested in are links and styles. It’s baffling to me that in 2023 we’re still looking at raw urls and that although I can insert little emoji … Continue reading

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Blue Badges

Continuing my tradition of absolutely not seeing what was coming — I remember thinking that the word “blog” would never catch on and that nobody would put up with seeing ads in their Instagram feed — I am baffled to … Continue reading

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