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Baldur’s Gate – Caught Stealing

I keep getting caught “stealing” when I’m just trying to look at something. Gotta be more careful. It’s quite different than Ghost of Tsushima, where you can run about picking up linen, iron and supplies to your heart’s content. Won … Continue reading

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Cult of the Lamb: Inventory Bug

Last night, after thoroughly enjoying the demo, I was raring to give the full version of Cult Of the Lamb a go. I was happily working my way through the opening tutorial scenes when I got my first piece of … Continue reading

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Playstation Language Settings

Nine out of ten times when I turn on the Playstation I have to change the interface language from Japanese, my daughters’ preference, to English, which is mine. Why can’t I set the preferred language at the user profile level … Continue reading

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Gathering Crickets

A quiter and calmer approach to playing Ghost of Tsushima. Continue reading

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That Was Close

Phew! That was close. Pretty sure nobody noticed but I just deleted a post in which I questioned the wisdom of a multinational conglomerate releasing a new gaming product. Luckily I remembered that I don’t really care what multinational conglomerates … Continue reading

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Net Happiness

It makes me happy to think of the millions of people out there joyously gliding, crafting, cooking, ascending, recalling, fusing, climbing, and all the other things you can do in the new game. If world’s net happiness has been boosted … Continue reading

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Andrew Plotkin’s Favourite Games of 2022

In Andrew Plotkin’s roundup of his favourite games of last year he mentioned that Tunic has a combat-free mode. I wish more games had something like this, especially Ghost of Tsushima. I’m sure a lot of people who are not … Continue reading

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Ghost of Tsushima – Welcome to Iki Island

I’ve started playing Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion. I’m playing it differently than I did the main Tsushima campaign. This time, whenever I see a golden bird flutter overhead, I follow it and find out where it leads instead … Continue reading

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