Baby Magpie

Waiting at the lights on the way to work this morning I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a baby magpie perched on the side mirror of the car behind me. Maybe it wasn’t a baby — it wasn’t really that small — but it certainly wasn’t fully grown. A teenaged magpie, perhaps. It was rather agitated — fluttering about and, it seemed, trying to get into the car through the window. Also agitated was the driver. He alternated between bashing at the window and holding his face in what I interpreted as a “why is this happening to me” kind of way.

Before long, the magpie migrated to my side mirror and began the same fluttering and bashing against my window. The lights changed so I moved on. The magpie held on for a good ten or so metres before it gave up and flew away to, I hope, exasperate or entertain more commuters.

Published on Thursday, July 9 2020