I was really hoping that when Drive My Car became available for purchase in Australia, it would have optional Japanese subtitles so my wife could enjoy all the Mandarin, Korean and Korean sign language dialogue without having to parse it through English subs — the final Uncle Vanya monologue in particular.

Sadly, when it comes out in Australia in early May it appears it will have always-on English subs — the version available from Apple at least. Damn. Maybe I can get my hands on a Japanese Blu-Ray once the postal service gets back to normal.

A screenshot from the game Disco Elysium. Harry and Kim sit on a swing set as they wait for the tide to go out.
Passing the time with Kim

Went back to Revachol for the first time in maybe a month and found myself on the other side of the canal. I had expected this to be a fairly small area, but it’s huge. Among other things —

  • Managed to persuade two Lilienne and Isobel to sign the union boss’ agreement and immediately felt bad about it. It might help if I could remember what it was that I was hoping to get in return.
  • Found a tape of a sad song to sing along to at karaoke. This, I feel, will cause some consternation, but at least I’ll have a stuffed bird to help smooth over any tensions.
  • Found a new place to stay the night. It’s just a shack, but means I won’t have to scrounge coins to keep Garte off my back.
  • Met a pretentious academic type who, for some reason, knows who Kim is and spoke about him as if he’s well known.

Do people actually finish games? This week I found out about Norco, an enigmatic pixel art point and click adventure that couldn’t be more up my alley if it tried. It even runs passably well on my ageing MacBook. I’m keen to jump in but I’ve still got my sad disco detective, sad racoon detective , sad samurai and sad antique story delivery guy games to finish.

(Okay, Jin Sakai is more stoic than sad, but that would’ve ruined my alliteration.)

As the weather turns cooler I am, once again, toying with the idea of starting up the old blog again. I’ve been on a Twittergram hiatus for the last couple of months and, although it has been nice to get away from the noisy buzz, I feel like it would be nice to have someplace to say something. So here we go.

I’ve been listening to and thinking about Pavement a lot recently — partly due to the upcoming release of the extended Terror Twilight but also just because that’s what my brain does. Here’s one thought: Just as crispy hard towels are better than soft ones, the fast version of Harness Your Hopes beats the slow one that’s so popular. The new video is fun, though, and a nice reminder that Pavement were always just very silly.