The Assassination of Albert Camus?

“The accident seemed to have been caused by a blowout or a broken axle; experts were puzzled by its happening on a long stretch of straight road, a road 30 feet wide, and with little traffic at the time,” Herbert Lottman wrote in his 1978 biography of the author.

Catelli believes a passage in Zábrana’s diaries explains why: the poet wrote in the late summer of 1980 that “a knowledgeable and well-connected man” had told him the KGB was to blame. “They rigged the tyre with a tool that eventually pierced it when the car was travelling at high speed.”

News of a book outlining a theory that Albert Camus was assassinated by the KGB has been making the rounds recently. My gut feeling is that it’s nonsense. A scheme to kill someone by making a tyre blow out seems like it would have a pretty low likelihood of success, even if everything went to plan.

Published on Sunday, December 8 2019