The Dog Cat

Tonight we sat down to watch The Bourne Identity. It’s one of the few films that has Japanese audio and subtitle options on the Blu-Ray so we could watch it without me having to explain things in Japanese every 15 minutes or so.

Jason was driving the wrong way down a Paris street when we heard howls, growls, and meows from our back yard. My first thought was that something was attacking our cat. I jumped to my feet and rushed to the back door. Halfway there I remembered that it couldn’t be that. She was buried deep in the ground in the shade of the biggest tree in the garden and had been since February.

Both cats fled the scene as I opened the door. The aftermath was impressive. Large clumps of black and white hair lay scattered all over our patio.

As Jason continued to outwit and beat up the world my daughter kept stealing glances out of the window, hoping to see the “dog cat” she thought she had seen. “It was as big as a dog!”

Her glances were in vain. The dog cat, like the hero of our movie, had vanished into the night.

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