iOS9 Notes

Apple released iOS9 this week. Some notes:

The blue dots that mark newly updated apps are, sadly, still there. Who finds this useful? If they must appear could they not disappear after a day or two rather than requiring that I open the app.

The Reminders app is still pretty much the same. I’d hoped for two things:

  • black as a list colour choice
  • the ability to tap and hold on a task to make it moveable the way you can in Clear and Apple’s own Calendar app.

Neither made it into this release. Apple must at least be considering the second one though, right? Right?

The News app didn’t show up at all. I needed to change my region setting to USA to be able to see it. This will apparently change in 9.1.

Ad blocking seems to be a very big deal, judging from my Twitter feed at least. I haven’t given much thought to this either way but I’m pretty disappointed that my joke tweet about it garnered not even one measly star:

“Why’s everyone so excited about ab blocking these days? I’ve been doing it for years with beer and cheeseburgers. You will see no abs on me.”

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